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Originally Posted by munnabhai
What can I say, most of the posters here believed that we would have beaten India. And when i tried sounding realistic and stated that India will win and big thrashing lies ahead, I was called an "Indian." So you know how passionate most people here are, can't take criticism.

I apologize on their behalf Senman,if you are offended by any such remarks, I was like them once but with time comes maturation.

It was great to watch Sehwag bat, but to be frank I liked Virat's innings more, he looks like a genuine cricketer and his shots were of pure class also he looks to me to be the fittest guy in the team.
No need for apologies Munnabhai .

I can understand some calling him unprofessional but abusing him was in bad taste thats all.

Virat promises lot but lot of our guys promised lot before him, so I will wait for another year to be sure. But sure its exciting to watch him bat, very risk-less innings never once looked he will get out.
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