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Originally Posted by Neel Here
yep that was totally uncalled for. but I've seen other international players do it against hostile crowds.

but then what about the crowd cheering madly when sehwag and kohli got hit with the ball ?? I have never seen the crowd in any international match behave in such a mean way, not even in WI where bouncing opposition batsman is a way of life.
firstly, the crowd could have equally been cheering the deliveries bowled. the one that hit both players i think was bowled by rubel, and at least one of them was a great delivery to a great batsman on the deadest of tracks. its pretty reflective on the mentality of the people who assume - with little evidence, if any - that the cheering was "sadistic" in nature or an expression of "hostility" to a team whose captain was cheered (or at least not booed) less than 48 hours earlier. at best its a "victimization" complex, at worst its an expression of bias and bigotry towards Bangladesh and her citizens ignoring the vastly dynamic relationship that exists between the 2 nations involved in today's games outside of the cricket field.

secondly, notice how the carib crowd reacts to brutal bouncers against AB Deviliers. note how the most raucous applause occurs when Develiers is floored by a bouncer. it is presumptuous to umpteenth to insinuate the Carribean islanders harbour some sort of sadistic hatred of South Africans based on the following:

video coming when youtube is working again.
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