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Originally Posted by Neel Here
I vehemently disagree. it's most likely to happen in australia and least in SL. every other country comes in between. your white=civilized hypothesis is frankly offensive.
i'm a bit smarter than your average idiot. i rarely make absolute remarks a la "normal countries unlike pakistan..." and other such mentally challenged statements devoid of at least some semblance of academic veracity.

i said MOST IF NOT ALL. hence, even if you are correct with your post above vis a vis Sri Lanka/Australia...i've covered my buttcheeks in anticipation of a statement like the one above.

as far as frankly offensive things go, i find your insinuation that Bangladeshi fans cheered Indian injuries as opposed to good RBX deliveries "frankly offensive". in other words, as eminem said in the song 'rain man', "i find you offensive, for finding me offensive..."
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