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I don’t think the gap between certain nations reduced that much due to players playing in various leagues.

I think this World Cup it was matter of top nations not producing the quality that we are used to.

I have no problem seeing smaller teams perform but I want to see persistent and above average performance .

There is a tactical art to football that Roman Bhai and me or those wanting top teams to succeed is craving for . Smaller teams usually fail to produce that .

Though Croatia came this far . Though they have great players with great names .. their game was still very lack luster .. against Russia they ran out of gas 3/4 of the way .. there were no coordinated attacks .. no set pieces .. nothing . Sure they can become champion but it’s not satisfying .

For ex the second goal by Russia against Croatia is something u expect from top nations consistently .. and I watch soccer for those kind of plays .. problem with a. Team like russia is they wouldn’t be able to reproduce that again .. and hence they are ranked 70s and not 1. And therefore a team like Spain should be there instead because they can.

There can be one surprise nation in latter stages . not 6 of them lol

A friend of mine got upset when I said it was good that Japan lost against Belgium .. this wc would be even more jokes . He just couldn’t comprehend my argument no matter how hard I tried . He is a first time soccer follower also :p
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