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Originally Posted by roman
Zidane also went to BD right after 2010 WC. He played a match in Dhaka Stadium. He played for MSC and Brothers Union. Argentina national football team also played a friendly match against Nigeria at the same venue. Did our football go anywhere? The answer is NO. We do not have what it takes to be competitive in sports..
in term of sub con status we were head to head with India in the 90s..India currently is ranked 97 and if we stuck with football i recon we would have been close to 100 if not under it. Rather currently we are languishing at 194.

With Fifa WC extending to 48 teams and asia having 9 teams we could see India in the wc. Just imagine if we still had that football pedigree as India we could have had a great chance to play the cup of all cups.

I blame cricket for the current state of football..absolutly useless sport which is only played by a couple of countries and one country does all the monopoly. The governing body of this sport is a joke. This sport gave my country nothing but some luichas who use the fame to either get rich selling their country's pride or do luichami with girls
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