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Originally Posted by aklemalp
I was listening to a Podcast by Bill Burr. Perennial cynic. He said that he was drawn to this world cup because of the sheer drama and cliffhangers. There will be a lot of new fans of soccer after this WC is over

there are comments like that every world cup. 4 years is a long time and pppl forget a lot. Every world cup ppl say this is the best.

Your interest is also temporary till the next world cup.

thats' a good observation Night wolf with Asian teams getting more quota from 2026. I saw a portion of a documentary where india is hell bent on making a team for the world cup. God help us all when they qualify. You are right .. going by 80s they shouldn't be ahead of us.

Randomly take few bangladeshis off street who grew up in 80s and 90s and take some from India... Bangladeshis will give them the dholai of life time... many of the bangladeshis in ny i hang aroudn with early days used to give some of the spanish kids who play in small league here run for their money.. they used to get so pleasantly surprised with the skill level of ours.
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