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Originally posted by Arnab
There is nothing inherently wrong about American style democracy.

You cannot just install representative democracy in a country. Democracy needs to grow from a base of broad layers of population agreeing to do it.
there is nothing wrong with it......i agree with you.....but what I am saying is that it does not work for ever type of society...

society like iraq where there is a big minority of sunnis opposed to the majority shia...

both sides dont like each other, and dont trust each other, and therefore would rather kill each other...

partitioning the whole country is probably the best solution but then again, who will have a greater share of the oil???

the situation in Iraq is in fact a big, big mess, and removing saddam hussein created an equally big anarchic society...

btw, im not saying that removing saddam hussein was iraq without saddam hussein is better anyday
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