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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Nasif: Bring it.

Old Grudge:
I am not going to name names, but there was a teacher who had two daughters. We, testosterone filled, newly mostans had our eyes on those lonolanas and few others who use to walk down the road before the sunset. This could only be seen from our house. The aggressive ones, would whistle and try to get their attention during and after the evening games time. Some would non-chantantly pass few "I love you" or similar kind of notes (Chircut). We all thought the world of those two. Boys would be boys. They would flirt time to time. It was almost hot knives going through butter. Anyways, one of my close friend was very serious with the older girl before SSC. He passed notes (study notes) and kinda had a relationship we all knew. He wanted to take the relationship to another level. Her father, our teacher didn't know any of this. As things happen, Father was furious. The girl crying, "I am innocent." The blame fell on him. He was severely punished. Wasn't expelled but parents were called in. It was a mess.
Is the little one our bhabi!?
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