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Originally Posted by Night_wolf
There are many low quality threads in this forum. but threads that are troll magnet with potential to cause war or words, also somewhat kicking a team when they are down is not good, wont you agree?
No i don't agree.

You obviously didn't read my first post then. Mods are deciding the quality of a thread now? It's a forum open to public of many different intelligence. Qaulity is subjective, I don't think you yourself can not judge which is quality vs which isn't. That's why participation alone will dictate which thread is worth keeping alive versus which isn't. No one is kicking a team while they are down, rather it's making fun of our own. THis is called perspective/subjective view/interpretation. And what is wrong with kicking a team while they are down? It might feel in bad taste to you, I prefer it. Is that a crime?

You should read the forum rules, i think it's mandatory for all mods so they can make better decisions.

You don't have to interfere "in anticipation", you should interfere after the fact. You don't put someone in jail because you feel as if their behavior may lead to crimes but you do after a crime is committed.

I can argue quality of mods in this forum is pretty low. Actually I am certain it is. Look at the quality of republican presidential debate... most people will say they are of very low quality.. but are the mods there overbearing? And those are important debates. THis is a stupid fan forum where ppl are allowed to use emojis to celebrate...Let them.
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