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Originally Posted by Fazal
Hi ... I am Fazal from Virginia, originally from Dhaka.

From where I first heard about this forum? I don't recall, because it was more than a decade ago.

What sparked my interest in joining this forum? Ekhano shob nanan kisimer ajob ajob manush jon ashe aar ajaira kotha barta bole.... sunte bhalooeee moja lage....lunch-er pore ghum ta chole jai.

Why I come back again and again? Because I have nothing better to do. uffff its 1:37 ... still 3 more hours to kill time. Then go home and eat bashi bhaat aar gurur mangsho
Fazal bhaia, beshi goru'r mangsho khailey kosha hagu hobay. Shabdhan. Gyros khao. Normal hoiye jabey tokhon. No chinta!!!
The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong." - Gandhi.
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