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Originally Posted by Yankees
there you go spewing bs as usual. you know nothing about my gf nor her "quality" yet that hasn't stopped you from offering your unwanted two cents like an uncultured swine.

and i'm 100% sure i'm right. you can pretend otherwise, but even the anonymity of the internet can't hide your miserable life.
haha. What does my miserable life have to do with you being a loser? They are two unrelated facts. No? Or does it make you feel good if I have a miserable life? You know who feels good at others misery? losers!

You wanna share that you have a gf here in the forum and claim you are a lucky guy because of that but I can't share my comment. Sounds very entitled.

There is nothing special about having a gf. You sound like a 5 year old.

correction: 5 year old loser.
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