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Default Undertaker & Kane

There has been rumours about Kane that he'll be in his OLD MASK again.
WWE already tried to bring him back with his mask..but that storyline was actually wasted.. ( Imposter Kane & stuffs ), But they are trying make a decent storyline and put Kane's mask on. It wont do any difference..but it will Increase Smackdown's rating..because people like Kane with the mask than without the mask.

My opinion : Bring Back "Masked-Kane"

Whats yours?

* By the way.. its not about who you like..or you dont.. also not about thinking WWE is no fun..or the scripts arent good anymore or whatever.. This question is actually for the people who actually followd WWE way back in the 1998-2003s ..they should put their opinion about which kane gimmick is better.. Im following WWE since 1995..WWF back then though. Im not bored of it..yeah storylines aint like before..but yeah the matches are fixed..results are fixed but the movesets are all LIVE!.
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