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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
A few "points to ponder"

1. There is no criticism of a 19 year old in these circumstances. Anyone who does really has no clue about cricket.
Coach, now that's an emotional statement!?

We all know Bijoy is young and this is only his second ODI. What if he was out early in the 2nd ODI and tigers might be out of the game even before completing 50 over?

He did a brilliant job - no question about that. Though, he surely looked over cautious at some point. If he was out just after his ton, and had Bangladesh lost the match, most would have blamed Bijoy - I have no doubt about that (i.e., example of Tendu against the Tigers in Asia Cup 2012)!!

But we won and Bijoy made it up after his ton by some quick runs. It was indeed a magnificent innings and instrumental to our win.
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