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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
I hope and pray that this series goes ahead. Very exciting time for BD cricket if this happens. India is a huge powerful team and it is our chance of growth and gain as long as we maintain tight play.

One may NOT like another country's cricket team, that's very natural, but it is never wise to mock any country's name, and in the process insulting a whole nation. This doesn't make friends, rather make us fans look ugly collectively. It is very simple, I wouldn't any other country's people to mock BD, so what goes around, comes around. It will only make more irritated posters from those countries. Then continuous verbal attacks continue and the forum gets filled with bad energy. And it is against BC forum policy anyway.

While Mr. Kamal's resignation from ICC was a smart move, though one can/should NOT question about umpiring when he was the ICC precedent. He failed to control his emotions and in the process he put BCB in jeopardy!
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