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Originally Posted by Crickbang
Loitta shutki re aghe coach hire korte bolen 24 ghontar modhe! Tarpor salary 'r chinta koiren. I don't care how much the HC gets paid. Let us confirm a coach first. Sharaa duniya shesh hoye jabe mone hoy coacher jonno wait korte korte. Why don't we name Ross Turner as the BD coach and hire a new academy coach instead? Just an idea that came to my mind.
apnar moto eto impatient manush prithivite ar koijon ase ki jani. amader coach er ekhon dorkar ta ki tao ami bujhina. amader next series is in august. even serilanka doens't have a coach. stuart law is their temporary coach.

we don't need a coach for the zimbabwe series. sudhu pakistan series er aage hire korlei hobe.

bhai wait koren..bhalo fol paben. erokom impatient hoile kisui milbo na. pore khali hai hai korben..
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