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Originally Posted by iDumb
i haven't done it yet. i sent a form once many years ago to my online broker for access to trade options, they sent me the form saying list ur assets... i didnt have any....never completed it.

do you? share ur thoughts and experience here.
Yeah they're very careful about risk. I trade off a platform, on a demo n live account. So I don't go through brokers and stuff.

It's pretty intense I started on n off , but slowly got into it n did trainee trader internship trading US bonds n t notes. For the 2 months I did it for , my life revolved around the US time zone...and when ur Sydney...that isn't easy to do everyday lol.

consistent Profit making isn't easy, but the right techniques at the right time and a lot of patience n discipline is key

But all in all, it's most stimulating, thrilling and nervous job there is and the best way to immerse yourself in global markets.

What about u ? What's your story with equities? I find they're good long term investments...but short term wise...the volatility in futures is freaking awesome
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