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Originally Posted by Beamer
Can't wait for Sep 12th ( or 9th ). Its been too long.


Rogers will put up great numbers. SB winner? Not sure. I am not sold on their running game. But, they are a contender for sure. How are your Pats? AFC EAST is strong. My Steelers are under the radar. I like it.
This is a make or break year for the Pats. We're hoping for a lot from the 24 players drafted in these past two years. Thats a lot of roster turnover. If they pan out, we're set for another 6 years at least. If they don't, well, we're screwed. It wont be easy topping the AFC east every year anymore. Based on the preseason games so far, I'm optimistic that they can start the decade off on a winning note. But we all know preseason means jack (2008 Detroit Lions. Nuff said.)

I'm still worried about the pass rush, but this is the most balanced offense I've seen in the Belichick era. Brady has so many weapons, even Rambo would think its excessive. He wont replicate the stats of the 2007 season, but thats a good thing...
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