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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
that would have happened in most if not all non-white cricketing countries. heck, allan donal saw a UAE millionaire stroll out to bat without a helmet, and intentially hit him on the head. he was told to do so by a teammate.
I vehemently disagree. it's most likely to happen in australia and least in SL. every other country comes in between. your white=civilized hypothesis is frankly offensive.

Originally Posted by shuziburo
  1. Do I find Sehwag's behavior to be boorish? Yes.
  2. Would I want a player who destroyed bowling like Sehwag in my team even if he was boorish? Absolutely.
boorish is possibly the best one word description of sehwag's character. but there's a difference between a boor and a prick, the later does it intentionally, the former can't help it.
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