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This is gonna be my last reply on this because I'm not gonna repeat myself again.

1. I didn't bring up United's stats until you made an unnecessary jibe at United saying they are only best against minnows, which is clearly untrue.

2. A similar tackle nearly ended Eduardo's career. The difference is, he was unfortunate. You CANNOT tackle with your studs raised. Red card is given as a deterrent to prevent players from doing it. It doesn't matter if it's not intended and doesn't injure or even hurt the player, it's the rule.

3. I don't condone any player reacting that way, but there were a lot of players around so I don't recall who touched who. It has not been even reported so who knows what you saw through those glasses. Regardless, it is not a straight red card. You just wish it was because he is a United player.

4. Now you're talking sense.
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