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Default About me ?

Whew, with all the oldies around, I feel much much younger now. I am about 18, errrrrr, I mean 28. Doing my Masters while looking for that big accounting job. Unfortunately, the folks from Arther Anderson have flooded the market and the Sheikh, the Mohammad, and the Ali in my name hasn't really helped much at all. *wink*

I started off the cricket site over five years ago (yep) with the first site hosted by a little ISP in Arkansas ( Moved it to rivals ( - I wanted cause of all the hype about us being the brave tigers and what not but it was taken by some RBT folks) after a year cause they gave me free pix, unlimited space, a message board and a chat room.

My first member in the message board was none other then Fahmida Waliullah. Every time I see her post, it reminds me of the good old days. Met Rajputro through the message board ofcourse. There were others, don't want to name names because if I forget to mention them - I'm dead. That site also hosted all the teams (still probably has one of the best Indian cricket sites out there) but unfortunately the network had to drop most of us.

We moved over here early this year. Had to set up thewhole thing all over again, tried to save most of the old members but lost half of them (our performance on field caused most of the ....). The other site had a whole of of info, news, tours and articles (I used to write a whole lot which I haven't in months) that are still locked in a back up cd somewhere in my desk.

What else, I am in Texas, DFW to be exact. Only 10 minutes away from Six Flags (haven't been there once since I moved to Texas two an a half years ago). If you're driving through Texas, give me a hollar and will try to give you a Texas size welcome (Yeah right).
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