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Be grateful, not dead.

One "exercise" that I used to do...i should restart I presume, was by a friend of mine: Before you sleep at night, name 2 thinks that happened to you today that are positive for which you are really grateful."

Good thing about this is you don't have to lie like: o i am grateful for my child or my parents.... So i'd say the best thing happened to me today was finding new shrimp stash.. This would generally avalanche to "higher" ones such as "my child or my parents".

In Islamic way, I guess you can "shukr" for all the good deeds. I know it's "by law" and "ritualistic" to do "shokrana aday" after eating, but I always felt when one says "shukr al-Hamdullillah" after a hearty meal he should be honest about it. (Also my father used to say: if you don't do such-n-such Allah naraz hobe & also, that if you do "shukr" Allah will give more...

Bumping this because I hated the day at first: cloudy, no money, no stimulants, and had a big family fight. All of a sudden I feel tranquil. (albeit i was reading the children's story tao of pooh where the watered down explanations: A master can stay content and calm under any situation.
Look up vineger tasters...

It's all perspectives really. (But as i find, it's all fine in theory, but harder to apply.....) hence practice. Meditation masters will tell you, just like muscle building, emanating alpha,theta,gamma waves can like a skill which needs to be honed.

Peace out.

Omega Man
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