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Just wanted to add I was looking for nice Punjabis and I dont think they are as good as they used to be.

Aarong: Still makes the best punjabis, but you are looking at spending 5k bdt for anything decent IMO. Yes there are cheaper but they dont look very nice. Their shawls are reasonably priced.

Kumundini: They stopped making nice Punjabis like they used and they are not that cheap either compared to Aarong

Busundhara City: Yes they do have Punjabis but all look so bright and tacky and very Kabli/Sherwani

Yellow: I found the worst as they lack design and the sales people are idiots (in Dhanmondi)

Elephant Road: Nice Punjabis but refused to buy as they were Indian. Shopkeeper was surprised and happy that I preferred Bangladeshi

Manyvaar: Didnt even visit as its Indian

KayCraft: Was rubbish when they started and things havent changed

Noir: This is a hidden gem in Dhanmondi Shat Masjid Road. The prices are reasonable and the Punjabis are quite trendy and modern. Not typical punjabi design but made in Bangladesh. Bought many pieces.
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