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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
He inherited Melo. Not his deal. Then no one wanted him, so had to resign. They can't make the playoffs with Melo. No team will give them space. 76ers, Wizards, Raptors, Atlanta, Milwakee all have a core group who are much better and younger. They will only get better through draft as well. And then you have Boston and Cavs.
Melo wasn't his fault but he compounded matters by continuing the Knick tradition of overpaying for washed up players. His most recent trades include massive deals for D Rose, Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah. I understand the Rose deal as it is short term and low risk. Don't understand why he had to sign up Noah for 4 yrs at $17mm per year. The reason some of the teams you mention have a solid core today is because they were allowed to tank for half a decade if not longer. The one time they made a 1st round pick recently they found a gem in Porzingis, luckily they have another high draft pick this year. Instead of doling out money every year on these fringe players to give Melo one last chance, Knicks should've hoarded cash and made deals only if they received draft picks in return. They should've let the team tank which they do every year anyway. Only difference is since the tanking isn't planned they do not benefit from it.
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