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Originally Posted by Jadukor
Dolar only played 7 matches... and nobody calls him excellent so i guess that is why he wasn't used as an example...

Rubel averages a bradmanesque figure of 83 per wicket in Test matches... His average per wicket in ODIs is 36 which is higher than Dolar's 32... Rubel is superior in terms of economy rate though... he goes roughly at 5.79... where as dollar goes at 7.37 per over... If those stats don't convince you not to call him excellent then I don't know what will... umm perhaps the fact that Rubel averages a mammoth 58 runs per wicket in First Class matches as well (Compared to Dolar's 25)
jadukor vai just put stats aside for some moment and think about the potential of the two bowlers..u'll see the difference..rubel with his slingy action and pace is whole different dimension of a bowler then doller..may be we'll get more dollers but it will be hard to find another rubel

saying this he may fail in int cricket in the future but the potential to deliver good there is more for rubel more then doller
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