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39.1 Zephaniah to Tehsa, no run, Well bowled, Tintin tries to drive but gets an inside edge onto his pad, it rolls back up the pitch
39.2 Zephaniah to Tehsin, one run, Comes down the wicket and works it with the spin through midwicket, looked for two but decide against it
39.3 Zephaniah to Sports_fan_bd, no run, ball turns sharply, Tintin tries to sweep it, loud appeal not out
39.4 Zephaniah to Sports_fan_bd, no run, Driven back, Zephaniah dives well to his right and stops the run, pressure mounts
39.5 Zephaniah to Sports_fan_bd, no run, Huge turn beats the bat and hits the pad, hitting him just outside off stump
39.6 Zephaniah to Sports_fan_bd, leg bye, comes down the wicket and is beaten by the turn again, ball strikes the pad and the scamper through for a single, CarteBlanche throws at the non-strikers end and misses. Team Aftab get the bonus point off the last ball and go to the top of the table
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