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I realized that I should have clarified that I intended the topic to be about recent upsurge in our cricket team and mentality. Obviously there have been great moments in bd cricket historically. But the recent upsurge is what I wanted to talk about. It has lot to do with changing captaincy from Mushfiqur to Mashrafee. I was nervous going into 2015 wc and the match against Afghanistan looking at our poor form in 2014. That’s why the celebration after the win wasn’t onlyabout winning a group match against Afghanistan, It was also relief and a signal of much greater things to come. A confident captain brings contagious confidence to rest of the team. The transformation Mash installed with Haturu was a great transformation which carried onto the pak, ind, sa series and up until now. I cant even imagine how mushfiqur wud have fared if he was still the captain!
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