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positives for BD cricket:

- population
- talent

negatives for BD cricket:

- everything else. BCB, selectors, management, coaching, infrastructure in general, cricket culture.

they need to stop with this silly business of playing naeem and riyad so far down the order, they can get away with being classed as allrounders in one-day cricket but that doesn't mean they should have to bat so far down the order. in tests they should be consisdered middle order batsmen.

as for ash, why is he in the team? he's no good nowadays, if they want an ash type player they should be picking kapali because at least he offers a bit more with the ball and they don't lose anything with the bat.

i'm really starting to think that they should outsource to improve the culture, standard and infrastructure. if they can't get quality coaches in BD and quality cricket influences from within BD then get them from somewhere else. it's pointless to put everything into the national team e.g. improting a foreign coach and to ignore the domestic structure. if ytou want better quality players then get better quality teachers at as many levels as possible.

we could blame the issues on a few player of the current generation, fact is the support isn't there to produce quality players and maybe things will develop naturally on their own eventually but it would be more beneficial to try and help things along the way by inserting some better quality coaches who not only teach good technique but teach players how to think like a cricket, teach teams a good cricket culture and teach them to be strong mentally.
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