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Richard McInnes
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I have not worked closely with Ash enough yet to form an accurate opinion of why he is so inconsistent. HIs first innings of the series average of around 60, indicates that he has the skill required to handle any bowling, but his temperament lets him down regularly based on what we observe from outside the team.

It would be interesting to analyse is optimal performance mood states and work towards him creating those particular moods more regularly. A major part of his preparation would then be geared to creating the right mood state. I know from the few conversations we have had, that he is easily distracted, which is somthing that is not all that useful for a front line batsmen.

i think he is suffering a little from being thrust into international cricket, when maybe he should have finished his schooling. That is easy to say in hindsight and that is certainly saying he was not good enough to play when he did. But in the long run, i think schooling is majorly important in teaching players to learn, to learn from mistakes and develop strategies for dealing with weaknesses and different bowlers.

That is only an outside opinion and may be completely wrong.
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