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Originally Posted by Sohel
Injury to the Chinese badminton player, who took the first set comfortably, and the generous new system of awarding double bronze medals helped India out with 3 of the 5 medals,
this is a rather immature, almost juvenile reaction.

a couple of facts for you, the chinese player won 21-18 in the first set, that too with the help of a couple of lucky net shots, hardly 'comfortably', it was a close game. Saina had anyway defeated her a couple of months back in indonesia in a long match and would have likely done that here again.
more importantly, they had to play 3 back to back knock out matches within a 60 hour period. Saina was fit enough to survive the ordeal, Wang was not and her body broke down. luck has little to do with it.
generous new system of awarding double bronze medals helped India out with 3 of the 5 medals
first of all, the system of awarding double bronze is not new, it's pretty old. there's a specific practical reason why it is so, generosity has hardly anything to do with it. btw, 2 of our bronzes are semi finalist bronzes, not 3.
secondly, if anything IOC and luck denied us of at least a couple more medals.

Mary Kom, who is 5 times world champion could not compete in her usual 46 kg category because IOC did not introduce it. she had to increase weight and compete 2 levels up in 51 kg against opponents much larger than her. if 46 kg was there she was a sureshot gold medalist.
it's a tribute to the fighting spirit of a 29 year old mother of two that she used all her skill and smarts to outbox opponents with much longer reach to get the bronze.

sumit sangwan, vijender and devendro all went down to horrible referring decisions, the last two winning would have confirmed another 2 medals.
kolkata boy joyanta karmakar missed out bronze by a whisker in shooting.

that is saying nothing about the below par performance of our archers and shooters, which is plain unlucky.

if luck and IOC were on our side, as you say, the tally would have hovered around 10.
we would do it in Rio. slow but steady, as they say.
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