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Really happy that we (USA) ended up with the most medals. China gave us a pretty big scare but in the end, the US pulled away. Still gotta give credit for China to be doing that well in the Olympics. Expect them to give us another scare in the next Olympics as they seem to keep on improving. Just gotta respect how hard the US athletes work. Their hard work and determination is commendable. Really makes me proud to be an American.

As for the subcontinental countries, well the less said the better. I'll admit that India has made some improvements. A jump of 3 medals to 6 is good but still is really disappointing considering how big of a population they are and also the money they spent. It looks as though they are trying to get a structure in place but it seems it'll take a while before they start making serious jumps in the medal standings. The rest of the countries made no real improvements. As I said before, the culture needs to be changed upon. You have to be like machines in order to compete in the Olympics and I just don't see that from the subcontinental countries.

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