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Originally Posted by Tiger444
A jump of 3 medals to 6 is good but still is really disappointing considering how big of a population they are and also the money they spent.
disappointing considering the population, NOT the amount of money spent (which is miniscule compared to the big medaling countries). truthfully, there are other more important priorities and sports has just started to find acceptance as a profession in the last 10 years.

in fact, it is china that gets the lowest return upon investment, in terms of money and effort spent on olympics. it's just that the money and effort are huge and the returns are commensurately large in absolute terms. it's a hitlerian system where talented athletes are forced to train even beyond their will and kids are thrown into gruelling childhood sapping training schools by the govt with not a care for parent's permission.

tell me, would you like your kid to go through something like this ?

and then, only one out of thousands climb the olympic podium, the rest are thrown out by the administration to eke out a living as a sweeper or a porter.,00.html
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