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Originally Posted by WarWolf
Highly trained professions doesn't have anything to do with occasional spelling mistakes. Rubel bhai is a doctor by profession who normally doesn't have to work with the computers. I work with the computers and still I have mistakes in my spelling while typing. This is not because I don't know the "correct spelling". I would rather call it "slip of keyboard".

I think this is natural in a discussion board where sometimes people don't check for spelling before casual posting.

I am sorry if I am interfering. This post is not directed personally towards you or there is nothing personal regarding this. But bringing someone's profession into discussion about spelling mistakes seems to be offending.
That is the point.
Normaly when do we type in English, typing error occurs. Specially when we are in hurry. Further more English is the 2nd languageof most all of us here. So mistakes can happen. Simply private message option is more than enough to inform that person.But pointing out those things in a public forum to humiliate a person is really poor idea.
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