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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
... at any rate a passenger can bring no more than 10,000 dollar.
Originally Posted by ialbd
...carrying $5K/10K on every trip out (as funny as it may sound). ...
Sorry for bumping old topic, it looks like information related this is very hard to find.

I need to know how much money a US permanent resident can carry out at a time. I see many of you said $10k limit but i can't find any official reference supporting that amount.
only thing i find is this...(look at section 6)
... the entire amount brought in with declaration, or up to US$ 3,000 brought in without declaration may be freely taken out at the at the time of departure...
so it looks like unless you brought the money in with you at the time entering Bangladesh, you can only take $3k.

not $10k not even $5k!

please let me know if anyone has any other reference.

by the way, its been a while this topic was opened... anybody found any other dependable way of sending money? legal or illegal? you see for me the problem with hundi is not the legality, but to trust someone with money without proper documentation.... which i'm not willing to do.
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