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Originally Posted by Ashraf-FTP
I think too many threads just makes it hard to follow 1 topic.. There are too many threads about nonsence stuff that really doesnt need a thread of its own.. Im not gonna vote cause I think most threads are good but some are useless..
If a thread is nonsense, don't follow it. More often than not, you can read the topic of a thread and the user who started it to get an idea of the thread, then you can decide for yourself if you wanna follow it or not.

ie. I try to ignore threads about beatboxing by someone who thinks its a great idea to open a new thread every time he uploads a video on youtube. Even after it was pointed out to him that it is annoying abuse of the forum for self-promotion. So now I know the thread and the user to ignore. Put 3-4 such users in your mental ignore list and bulk of the nonsense threads are gone. They are just visual clutter.
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