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Shakib is clearly a level above him

I'll have stokes the odi batsman though



Shakib levels above Stokes


Shakib levels above Stokes



50/50 I'll have Stokes


Shakib levels above

The Shakib haters will claim Stokes is better, but that's simply incorrect, Stokes is a impact player for sure, but I watch nearly every England match, and that's all he is an impact player, he's not consistent

Shakib is a consistency player, always putting in 7/10, 8/10s, he's far above Stokes

Stokes poor performances get covered up because England have been a superior team to bangladesh

In ODI its Shakib with Stokes a close second

In tests, there is no competition

T20 I couldn't care less

Stokes is younger though, has fee years on Shakib

One thing to note about the stats is Shakib played more matches in his teens and early 20's, when Stokes was just coming in, so Stokes stats will be made out of majority of his prime
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