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bc staff gone bad, eh? case for concern, isn't it? :P

btw rob, racist remarks are definitely uncalled for, and i believe whatever happens on the cricket field is the responsibility of the players, and a nation or a particular race is not to be blamed.

however, do understand that we are right next door to india and pakistan, and trust me - had we been as god as them, cars would be burning and people getting killed after this series. in the subcontinent, passion runs high when it comes to cricket, and although i understand where you're coming from, i'd say you would have done a better job not responding to those posts, especially to those of a certain member who everybody knows was banned twice and may score a hattrick any time.

i mean - the remarks did get personal once you started to intervene. you could've just waited for the moderators to clean up the mess.

don't get me wrong here - i do think that any kind of racist remarks and personal attacks should be strongly condemned.

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