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The other day I was at LA. My mom is in the committee of Mohila Awami League

So after I had my biryani fix at Swadesh, I kicked back in my car in the parking lot. Kinda got bored. Then decided to take matters at my own hands. I entered Club DV8 in my GPS. It mentioned Hollywood and Highland.

So I went there. The club was closed. There was another new club but opens at 10 or 11. So I walked around the place. Not my first time. Basically this is where the Hollywood Walk of Stars is.

Now I been there a lot and there really is nothing to do. Then found three black dudes smokin pot in front of everyone on the street playing drums. Paid them 5-10 bucks to hook me up with a toke. After I got high that's when shtf.

First paid a dollar to have my fortune told. It was "Zoltar Speaks"

Then saw Ripley's Believe it or not musuem after I walked past Chinese Theater. Chinese Theater looked nice but closed.

Now I am a stingy don't like spending money like most Bengalis. But out of whim (or pot?) I decided since it may be a while I return there, might as well check it out. So I bought a ticket for Ripley' Believe it or not + Guiness world record Musuem + Wax musuem.

I must say it was worth it. Worth the admission. Plus I was kinda high so I was blown away as if I am on a ride or something... Loved it. Momma called.... told her I was at Target. .lol ... then went back and picked her up and she even had two more biryani packets.

This is from Buena Park, but you get the idea sh--ts that gets me on.
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