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Originally Posted by oronnya
Why do u judge people so much?? It's their twitter account and they can choose any name they want.. Not everyone is as smart as you are you know .. Most people are khyat like me.. You better get used to all these khyatness !!
Originally Posted by oronnya
Not talking about bancricket.. Talking about moina2/raz999bd .. I don't think it's cool to judge on someone's personal preference or english speaking ability or computer knowledge and so and so..
How am I "judging" them? I'm just wondering how hard is it to pick a nice username? When did I talk about their English speaking ability! WTH? I was just wondering how hard is to come up with a better handle?

Stop getting so emo over every little criticism I make. I'm allowed to make them. If you live in 2012 and can't use these tech properly and on top of that you are a national star, people are bound to "judge" them. Go read Navo's detailed post on Imrul Kayes' first tweet. Talk about judging...
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