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Originally Posted by dash
Hi folks!

Does anybody know- what is the process, approximate time, the cost and possible hassles to send a dead body from the USA (Connecticut) to Bangladesh?

Call the Embassy. Or the NY Consular office. It is one of their duties.

Miscellaneous Service of Consular Wing :

A. Bringing back the dead bodies:

If any Bangladeshi national dies in abroad to bring back the dead body in Bangladesh, or do the burial according to the will of deceased person's relatives/legal guardians Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment and / or the Bureau of Manpower Export and Training takes necessary measures in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In that case the relatives or legal guardians of the deceased person need to submit an application to the Ministry of EW&OE/ BMET with a copy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the following information:

- Bangladeshi citizenship certificate

- Photocopy of the passport (first five pages)/Photocopy of travel permit

- Employment related documents (such as, employment place along with the name, address, contact details and other relevant information).

After receiving the application having the above mentioned information generally the MEW&OE/ BMET send the application to the concerned Bangladesh Embassy/ High Commission immediately. Once the dead body is returned back other necessary functions are conducted by the Bureau of Manpower Export and Training (89/2 Kakrail, Dhaka, Phone: 9339705/01819262173/ 9349925/ 9350848, fax: 8319948). Director (welfare), BMET may be contacted in this regard.

On the other hand, if any close relative/ well-wisher who have been living in the place where the person dies, please contact with nearest Bangladeshi High Commission/ Embassy, the Mission extends complete cooperation in bringing back the dead body.

N.B: For bringing back the dead body BMET plays the major role while MOFA provides all-out cooperation with the help of the Embassy/ High Commission.
While the service is more focused on expat workers, I'm sure they have the knowledge and information to help you.
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