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Default What would be the English fans experience in BD??

There will be lot of English Fan be there during the England tour. The future of International cricket tour will depend on how England's tour in BD will go.
In general we Bangladeshies are very hospitable (sometimes over hospitable) to foreigners. But for last 2 decades the corrupt politicians on the top levels and personal animosity between two Ladies only gave us a culture of hate and intolerant to other views, shameless corruption, unemployment. One of the side effects of poverty that scares me the most is the rise of those religious extremists like (Jamat / Shibir). They are really dangerous since they have no respect for other people believes and get really violent if you disagree with them.

Anyway the point is our test status can be a blessing for us in many ways. IF we can properly use this opportunity it will bring more tourists in our country and that means more business and more money. I hope this England tour will go nicely not only for the England team but also for their fans. I wish we will not make a bid deal if a English fan do something that we don't do in our culture like drink alcohol while watching game in the stadium. Living in the USA I know I can live with my own culture and no one will bother me as long as I am not hurting anyone so hopefully we will do the same when they go to our country. We should let them enjoy per their culture as long as it does not hurt anyone.

What do you think about this? What would the English Fan's overall experience be in our country? Realistically….
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