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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
NW bhaiya and Roman da, Keno tumra jano na? Mone nai tumader?
That scumbag, ex Ecuadorian int'l referee Moreno was arrested at our own JFK with 6 kilos of Heroin in 2010, with 10 bags, some of them were stuck between his butt-cheeks! Shala was a major gambler, kicked his kind wife out and hooked up with a younger, like his daughter's age chickita back in Quito! Got her pregnant and had her perform a forced miscarriage. He was taking money form the Ecuadorian, Mexican and Colombian Mobs simultaneously! That scum shala served at our own Brooklyn Correctional Facility for 2 and half years - got lucky and got his sentence reduced by the judge from 10 years in federal prison! Many people still looking for this Fo, including moi, I kid you NOTY!
I know BK da. this scum was also caught fixing in Ecuador football league

I wonder how SK lives with that semi spot knowing in no way hell they deserved it
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