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I know we need to have more consistent players to do well as a team, but that doesn't mean that Shakib will get a free ride for being stupid, being the best. Then how is he different than others? It's not that he has done those things once.... He is doing those stupidity repeatedly..

I'm not comparing him with other players of the team... If you have to compare with other dumb players who has been dumped already to justify him doing it, then how is he different and why he shouldn't receive the same criticism?? Then how does he deserve so much of respect like comparing him with Kallis and Sobers, if he is just a better donkey by your logic...

We expect him to be doing what other best players in the game do, whom we like to compare with him...but if you are happy that he is better than Ash and SN etc...then I'm sorry, he is just a better donkey...and no need to defend him...he gets enough in return by being a little better than other donkeys...
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