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Originally Posted by Special 1
You are suggesting the state to use its muscle to clamp down protests. Ofcourse, there is gona be violence as soon as that hits. People just do not go and start acting like hooligans. I highly doubt u have seen any of these protests from start to the beginning. The police also has a huge parts to play in escalating protests to a level where they go violent.
I do not have a soft spot for any of the two ladies, i am just against the way in CTG handeled the situation.
And unlike you and a lot of other people, I believe in democracy and not any form of military dictatorship.
Thankfully I do not participate in such programs so I have not witnessed them from "the start to the beginning". You seem to be suggesting that if police does not interfere then the violence does not escalate. Hmmm so I guess when the picketers start breaking or damaging private properties the police should let them because they might stop after just breaking one or two but if the police stop them then all hell will break lose. Dammn, man you are smart!!!! I just get the feeling you are very closely related to the politicians because I dont think any other kind of people carry this much smartness and such awesome logic.
Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldnt have messed with? Thats me.
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