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Originally Posted by RazabQ
I understand that you are trying to be considerate towards minor but a disclaimer isn't quite good enough to cover forum violation for explicit content. Given we all know what the mechanics involved are, perhaps you can rephrase this. - Mod
I don't know how this is possible at all... the point just cannot be made without the details. Maybe if I write it down with missing words and let people figure out what I'm saying?


The basic homosexual act between males involves a g____ and a r_______ ... some prefer to be one or the other, some prefer to be both.

Now, almost all men, regardless of sexual orientation, can be highly aroused by stimulation of the p________ g____ (sometimes called the male g-____), usually by [edit] some kind [edit] _____. There is biological reasoning behind this (you can google it). A lot of straight men do ask their female partners to [edit] f______ or other things during their encounters. This might suggest that such acts for pleasure could be viewed as a very "normal" ... and thus what a r_______ does may not seem entirely "unnatural" ....

(hey, that reminds me of a scene from "Road Trip"... and I think some Jim Carrey movie too :X)

A lot of straight men find it pleasurable to i____ p_____ in a woman's _____ (although whether a woman enjoys it or not is debatable, and probably irrelevant to this topic). Now, I'm no biologist, but to a p____, an _____ feels no different whether it's a man's or a woman's (but go ahead and correct me if this is a wrong assumption on my part). Therefore, one might view this to be a "normal" pleasure-seeking act.... and thus, the act of a g____ may not seem entirely "unnatural" ....


(Mods - you can go ahead and censor out any other words if you wish...)
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