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I've owned this movie for a while now, so, can't resist the temptation to share:

Just like Humayun Ahmed's books, the movie is very linear. A simplistic, single-dimensional story.

Cinematography is just as bad as any other Bangladeshi movie.

On average, he takes a pot shot at muslim or Islam every 3-4 minutes throughout the movie. Humayun's deep-rooted grudge for being born a muslim is nakedly expressed here. Although I must say, this is an essential element for winning any kind of international award these days. He's going to rack up some points for those.

Directing - if this movie gets screened at the Oscars, I'll be very surprised if people do not get up and leave. Directing is behind by a good 50 years.

Acting: Never steps outside the boundaries of our theatrical roots.

An excellent movie to demonstrate to the world that we are the lowest of the low, just like the ever self-critical Humayun is in his books. So much success, so little self-respect.
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