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Default Manju does it ????

10.3 Manjural Islam to Hinds, OUT: pitched up delivery on the off stump line, Hinds moves back and has a go at it, the ball hits the bottom of the bat and balloons up towards the long-off region, Hannan Sarkar get under it and holds on to it, Manjural Islam strikes!

West Indies 49/1, Partnership of 49
WW Hinds c Hannan Sarkar b Manjural Islam 30 (34b 5x4 0x6)
CH Gayle 13* (31b 2x4) Manjural Islam 5.3-2-23-1 (1w)

When I wrote my last post, I was thinking I SHOULDN'T cause if Manju gets beat up, some folks will point their fingers at me. Well guess what, Manju was hit four a 4 and 2 and I thought, I'm dead, Muahahahahahahah. Manju Strikes.
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