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Hi Rob..

I do appologise for some really crazy remarks made towards you and to England team. I hope.. Bangla cricket stuff take some notice about your comment. I know you got hurt , but, i really hope that.. you will overlook some bad and attacking comments made against you as there are many nice forum posters talks in a very decent way. Much better than BBC TMS forum. I really hope that you will overlook some disturbing elements from this forum and will keep on participating with your thoguhts. We are very emotional nation and sometimes.. we tend to carry On. But. I can assure you.. ppl are not that blind about this and most of the ppl will talk decently. This is entirely my own opinion. We support for everytign about our team as much as you do to your counrty. This is just one bad decision and should be taken lightly for the spirit of the game. Rage is probably due to the fact that.. there is a huge amount of anti-Bangladeshi material in the media and We Bangladeshi just get stuffed with such in every now and then. So., this rage towards this decision has certainly have more emotional aspect than the nature of the game. I really hope that.. you will take it nicely and will participate in this forum with your thoguhts.

PS: i also appologise for CTazim's post regarding you and White stuff.. I seriously condem such stupid comment and hope that BC members shall follow some decency when they post someting. Thanks.
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