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Originally posted by nihi
Originally posted by Zunaid

hatebreed - pg hospitaler nicher restora hocche ananda
Zunaid bhai - hatebreed is actually talking about koliji singara from Kohinoor, not Ananda. Kohinoor was at the corner of the building where dosh hazar rickshaws always stood at your hukum. Never ate anything like Kohinoor's singara.
I think you're right coz I don't remember any ananda confectionary there except the one in BAF shaheen school.. tell me if I'm correct, was there a collapsible gate on the staircase adjacent to the restaurant? that's the one I'm talking about..

anyway, here's a few more additions to my list...
  • Shimer bichir torkari with chhoto machh, aloo ar tomato
  • Rui machh
  • Bangladeshi-style Chinese/Thai food
  • There was a kebab shop on the way to Mohammadpur, I forgot the name.. they served excellent shik kebab!
  • Tikya kebab
  • Shahi biriyani
  • Mughlai lamb biriyani
  • Mughlai porota
  • Bhuna korbanir gosht with chaaler roti
  • Beler shorbot
  • Daber pani
  • Leboor shorbot (home-made)
  • Borhani
  • Balushai mishti
  • Boondia
  • Dimer halooa (home-made by mom)
  • Doodher chhana
  • Shemai
  • The 'finger-licking' firni served after wedding dinners.
  • Kathal er kosh diye makhano moori
  • Paka aam, doodh (or mishti doi) ar kola makhano bhat (or chira)
ahhh so many more!!!
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