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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
Arrey Adam bhaiya, today is the big day for YOUR dear beloved Naittokar, actress, MP and the hon. minister of Tele-communications and Post Office MAdame hon. Minister Tarana Halim MP -
Miah bhai Apni aar ami tow unar pashe thakar kotha ajkey shara diin!

Rocket dekhbo naa Montri-ke dekhbo...bhebe kuno kool kinara pacchina naa...apni bachan ar dhoren amakey.
Rocket -er kotha ajkey baad diin...ajkey Montrir Natok dekhbo first! Listen, why won't we have rockets today. When Allah blessed us with a montri like this.
She is my parents' neighbor in Dhaka...My abba's nurse said that the hon. Minister should be in Orlando this afternoon, overseeing the well being of the rocket and making sure the launch goes smooth I believe.

I wonder if she can have more control over **** now
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