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BPL has a big market in Pakistan right after Bangladesh because of Pakistani recruits. Not too many people follow BPL outside BD, so without Pak players BPL will lose some value outside BD and most likely Pak channels won't telecast it, so less money for BPL. I don't think we have good enough domestic players to increase the quality of BPL on our own, plus not too many players other countries are all that keen on coming and big bash is still going on.

I don't think Pak players not coming will make all that a difference for how much our local players get to contribute, because either way teams will play 5 foreign players. Its not like because there is no pak players more BD players will get to play. I think its good for BPL, but BPL/franchises need to be ready just incase if there is a last minute pull out from PCB. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to do something just a few days before the tournament start hoping to cripple the tournament.
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